Santorini is internationally recognised for its excellent quality wines. Visitors often come here with a list of wineries in Santorini to visit and wine tours are extremely popular. Vineyards use a variety of white grapes including Assyrtiko, Aidani and Athiri to make great quality white wine. You can also find excellent rose and blended wine, as well as red wine made from the Mandilaria. Make sure a visit to Venetsanos Winery is high on your list of things to do when you visit Santorini! (Take a look at our post on Argyros Estate if you’d like to visit a few vineyards during your stay).

        The winery is built into the hillside

The history of Venetsanos Winery…

Built in 1947 by the Venetsanos family above the port of Athinios, Venetsantos Winery became the first industrial winery on the island. The family have a long tradition of producing wine and it was exported extensively, especially in Russia.  Built at a time when electricity wasn’t readily available on the island, it’s known for its structural design and uses a gravitational system. You’ll experience the rich family traditions combined with the recently modernised buildings when you visit. The winery is also famous for its breathtaking location offering incredible views of the caldera.

Wineries in Santorini

              The all-important wine shop

Experience a wine tour at one of the best wineries in Santorini 

Make sure you find some time to take a detailed tour of the winery to find out more about the history and traditions behind it. You can also find out more about their wine making techniques from their expert staff. The highlight is of course tasting some exceptional Venetsanos wine! There’s also a cafe where you can taste traditional Santorinian food such as tomato balls and the famous Santorini Salad. The cafe is open from 1st May to 15th October.

Great wine and food, what more can you want?!

Tell me more about the wine…

White wines include the Santorini Venetsanos, made from 100% Assyrtiko grape which has aromas of pear, white flowers and citrus. The Nykteri Venetsanos ferments in French barrels for four months in the middle of fermentation and has aromas of lime and magnolia. The red – Mandilaria Venetsanos is a plummy red with violet hints, rich with tannins. Another red is Liastos 2008 also made from the Mandilaria grape, with a nose of dried fig, plum and spices. In terms of rose, they produce Anagallis made from a blend of Mandilaria, Aidani and Assyrtiko grapes. It has hints of pomegranate, rose and wild strawberry.

wineries in Santorini

                   The vineyard at night

Finally, to find out more and book a tour at the one of the best wineries in Santorini, visit the Venetsanos website here

Trip Advisor Reviews

“This was part of a tour we did around the island and was the highlight of the tour. They served good Greek food and wine family style and was quite fun. The views were incredible. Don’t forget to go to the wine shop and taste the various other wines. We found one we liked and as a result bought two bottles.” – Marty J

       The spectacular view of the caldera

“No question–do the tasting with the light lunch. Sit outside. Stare at the sea. Taste really, really good wines. Taste really, really good food (tomato fritters were especially great). So sit a while. You are in Santorini. Awesome place!” – Arnie R