When you visit the island, don’t forget to leave the car or quad behind and get to know the place by walking in Santorini. There are many stunning walks to be found here, including the popular Fira to Oia hike (which spans 11km and takes three hours). There’s also the Perissa circular walk where you can discover many churches and derelict windmills. Make sure you find time for the Perissa to Kamari hike. It’s a fairly strenuous yet scenic walk which takes around two hours to hike a distance of 5.2 kilometres.

Perissa to Kamari Hike

  Just one of the stunning views on the hike

Expect amazing views when you go walking in Santorini

You’ll start the walk from the northern end of Perissa beach. Very soon you pass the ruins of a Byzantine church (Aghia Irini) on your right. Head right and soon you’ll come across the small church of Panaghia hidden in the cliffs high up on the right. Carry on and after you pass the Mariana Hotel you’ll see a track signposted Ancient Thira. Choose the path on the right that heads up into the hills. It’s a twisty path and you’ll soon find a large white cross painted on a rock.

Kamari to Perissa hike

     Take some time to appreciate the view

Discover amazing views of the coast and ancient ruins

Continue past the rock and you’ll come to a junction. Turn right and follow the path up (be prepared for a bit of a steep climb). Soon you’ll have fantastic views of Perissa and the coastline. Climb up the rocky steps and you’ll reach Panaghia church – a great place to have a rest in the shade. When you’re ready to leave go back to the junction and turn right. The path is a bit rocky as it winds up the hillside to the Mesa Vuono mount. If you need to stock up on refreshments you can buy cold drinks at the truck here.  Further up the hill you will reach Ancient Thira which was founded in the 9th century BC by Dorian colonists. The ruins are from Hellenistic and Roman times. It takes an hour to look around the site (be aware it closes at 2.30pm).

Perissa to Kamari hike

    Reward yourself with some beach time!

Take the tarmac road and on the third bend on the left hand side take the gravelled path. It’s marked by the rock painted with the large white cross. The path becomes wider and goes downhill until you reach some rock steps. Remember to use the handrail as it’s quite steep. Look down and you’ll see Kamari quite a distance down. Carry on and you’ll reach the Zoodochos Pigi church which is a great place to have a rest. When you’re ready to leave take the cobbled path. It zig-zags its way down the hillside until you reach the outskirts of Kamari. Carry on and you’ll soon reach the beach area.

To return back to Perissa, take the bus back to Fira and then change for Perissa. You can also take the same path back! Enjoy walking in Santorini!