You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying jewellery in Santorini. There are many shops and stalls in the towns and smaller villages offering a wide range of Greek made jewellery. It’s important to make sure that you are buying good quality, authentic pieces as it’s easy to be disappointed. Visit Koukla in Fira and you’re guaranteed great quality, unique pieces which are like mini works of art! (For more ideas for shopping in Santorini click here).

You’ll find Koukla in the Fambrika Shopping Centre in Fira

If you’re looking for jewellery in Santorini, this is the place… 

Did you know that Koukla means ‘beautiful doll’ or ‘gorgeous girl’ in Greek? Here you can find eclectic pieces that help you to get in touch with our inner Koukla. You’ll feel beautiful on the inside and out when you wear these pieces.

Discover fantastic Greek designers…

Beautifully presented jewellery…

At Koukla, you’ll find a stunning selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings (even wedding rings). They’re made by local and international designers.  You’ll find well-known names such as Antria Prasinou, Caterina Anesti, Margarita Meitani, T.S.T and Sifis Stavroulakis here.

Antria Prasinou designs delicate pieces. They often feature spiritual objects made from a variety of crystals. They also incorporate butterflies, crowns, birds and coins.

Caterina Anesti‘s pieces will definitely get you noticed. They are bold, bright, and colourful. She uses a wide range of materials including crystals, metals, and embroidery.

 You’ll find many unique, stunning bracelets

Margarita Meitani makes beautiful, original pieces featuring engraved bronze and silver. Some pieces have engravings of poems by Greek poets such as Odysseus Elytis and Giorgos Seferis. She also features verses from Homer’s Odyssey and The Iliad. Each piece has a special name, such as “full moon earrings” or “Take my Heart” pendant. Look no further for the perfect romantic gift.

 Be warned – it might take a while to choose!

T.S.T makes gorgeous and affordable charm bracelets and necklaces. They feature spiritual symbols such as the Tree of Life, Hamsa Hands and the famous evil eye. They are both delicate and bold and look equally great with daywear or evening wear.

Click here to browse the website but make sure you visit the store if you’re in Fira to find unique jewellery in Santorini. (Don’t forget to visit Epilekton in Oia too for unusual, quirky gifts.