When you visit Santorini, it’s nice to enjoy traditional Santorinian food and great seafood in a place that is a little off the beaten track. Somewhere unique and memorable, that has charm, character and a good story behind it. Look no further than The Cave of Nikolas! Located close to Akrotiri’s Red Beach, this unique eaterie is found in a cave where the workmen excavating the nearby archaeological site used to eat. You’ll get a real sense of the traditions of the island and a truly authentic meal when you visit! The Cave of Nikolas is the one of the THE best places for eating in Akrotiri Santorini!

The story behind The Cave of Nikolas

The Cave has a unique history which is interesting to know before you visit. It was built by Nikolaos Aligrafis as a place to shelter for himself and his boat. His wife Efstathia was an amazing cook. The boss of the excavation project at Akrotiri suggested that they set up a tavern as a place for the workmen to eat in 1967. They soon had a place to fill up on traditional favourites such as tomatoballs, fava and fresh fish. Later visitors to the archaeological site would come to the cave after their historical visit. Now the restaurant is owned by Minas Aligrafis, Nikolas’s grandson. It has stayed true the same traditional dishes and flavours since it opened, attracting both locals and tourists.

             You eat close to the waves!

Click here to watch a video about the history of the Cave and here to read an interview with Minas.

Expect local produce when eating in Akrotiri Santorini! 

The menu is a real treat, with up to 70% of the ingredients being local produce. The restaurant has its own farm where they grow the famous Santorini tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, herbs and potatoes. They also breed their own lambs and pigs. They have a variety of menus offering different price points. The menu from Santorini includes a wide variety of appetizers including the award-winning tomato balls and fava. Don’t miss the eggplants and courgettes either. You can also get the famous Santorini Salad here, alongside other main courses such as Fava Risotto with seafood, lamb stew and moussaka.

               Delicious fresh mussels

Don’t miss the excellent seafood! 

The Greek Cuisine menu features more tapas style dishes for a more casual meal. This includes cheese appetizers, cold salads, pasta dishes and traditional dishes such as Moussaka and stuffed vegetables. You can also try a large selection of grilled meat, such as the traditional pork and chicken souvlaki. The Seafood menu is mouthwatering, including squid cooked in a variety of ways and delicious seafood pasta. Therefore the freshly caught fish is to die for (sardines, anchovies and cod to name a few). To accompany your meal, you can try many local wines and a range of non-alcoholic refreshments.

This is THE place to go if you’re looking for eating in Akrotiri Santorini! Finally, to find out more and make a reservation click here to visit the website! Find out about other local restaurants here 

Trip Advisor Reviews

“The location couldn’t be better, waves crashing on the sidewalk outside. Rustic setting. We had house wine, bread and tzatziki, tomato balls and chicken souvlaki. It was all delicious. You have to order the tomato balls, a Santorini specialty. A great way to start our stay in Santorini.” – John C

          Expect excellent presentation!

“After trying out the local fare on this amazing island, I can state that this delightful place is one of the best places to eat on the island. Located adjacent to Red Beach, you will be treated very well by the 3rd generation owner, Minas and his excellent staff. They will make you feel like part of the family. As a result make a reservation and don’t be in a hurry to leave. Finally, Tuesday is their special Greek party night.” – Nathan H