You can’t visit Santorini without sampling some of the delicious fresh seafood. Take a drive or hop on a bus to the famous red beach of Akrotiri You’ll find a family run fish restaurant withe most amazing view. The Dolphins, established in 1994, is situated on the dock so you’re guaranteed the freshest fish and seafood in Santorini! It’s fresh out of the restaurant’s boat.

The Dolphins Santorini Entrance

   The unmistakeable entrance

Try some of the best seafood in Santorini…

With Mama Vangelitsa at the helm, you’re guaranteed a unique culinary experience in a memorable venue. The waves are crashing around you as you eat! The menu is seasonal, so the fish available changes depending on the time of year you visit.  Starters include the famous Santorini tomato fritters, grilled calamari, grilled white eggplant and fava. There’s also a selection of healthy salads made from produce grown in the garden. Try the goat’s cheese and cherry tomato for authentic Santorini flavours. The restaurant’s speciality is the lobster spaghetti cooked to a secret fisherman’s recipe. It’s so good that one portion will not be enough!

Amazing seafood and view in Santorini

            Lobster spaghetti with a view

It’s not only about food at The Dolphins…

The Dolphins also prides itself on serving wine made in its own vineyard. Many visitors know about the excellent quality of the seafood on the island but can often think that it’s too pricey. Luckily at The Dolphins the prices are affordable.  Many Trip Advisor reviewers talk about their surprise at the bill. They also mention the amazing location and a fantastic time spent swimming, eating and drinking.

Great seafood Santorini

               Don’t forget your swimwear!

Don’t just take our word for it – here are some comments from happy customers…

“What a location! And specialising in traditional Santorinian food. I had a table right next to the sparkling blue Aegean. If it was any closer I would have needed to wear my swimming costume.” – Ricardo, Sydney

“The food is large portions and a varied menu, fresh fish at a very reasonable price. Starters are very tasty but totally unnecessary as the size of the main meal is more than adequate. Desserts are also large portions, so we thought the bill was wrong as it seemed very cheap but it was correct. Very hard working friendly staff.” – James, UK

Fresh seafood Santorini

              Fresh seafood guaranteed!

Finally to find out more about the Dolphins restaurant and some of the best seafood in Santorini visit the website here