If you’re visiting Santorini, then it’s likely that you’ll eat A LOT of traditional Greek food. Things like Tomato Keftedes (fritters), Fava (pureed chick peas) and Dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves). If you’re looking for a place to eat in Oia where you can enjoy the sunset and try something a little different, then look no further than Kyprida restaurant. Kyprida serves traditional Cypriot food alongside Greek favourites. It has one of the best views from a restaurant on the island (you’ll see the caldera to the south). For other casual lunch recommendations on the island click here).

         The view is stunning at Kyprida

Try something new – Cypriot Food in Santorini!

Find the town hall in the square, then head to the street parallel to the main street behind the town hall. Kyprida is located on the lane leading to the Marine Museum. The menu has a large selection of vegetarian starters, such as Mouziendra (rice lentils), tomato kefetedes (the famous tomato fritters) and Halloumopitouthkiaa (grilled Cypriot halloumi cheese rolls). Non-vegetarian starters include Lountza (dried smoked pork tenderloin) and Pastourmadopita (air-dried cured beef and cheese pie).

          The picturesque setting of Kyprida

Main courses with a difference…

Try not to overindulge and leave space for your main course. Meat eaters can enjoy classics such as Beef Stifado (beef stew), Sikotakia Arnisia (lamb cooked with onions and bulgar wheat), Moussaka and Koupepia (vine leaves stuffed with meat). Grilled dishes include Sieftalies (pork and beef meatballs served in a pitta bread or souvlaki). There’s also pasta dishes and salads if you feel like something lighter. The baked octopus and fish are also popular choices. Finish off your taste of Cyprus with a traditional dessert like Portokalopita (traditional Greek orange cake) or Machalepi ice cream sundae.

        There’s plenty of choice at Kyprida

Make sure you try a Greek wine to enjoy with your meal. Kyprida serves some great local white wines – try the Domaine Sigalas (Oia) white, the Estate Agyros Assyrtiko or the Tsiakkas Sauvignon from Cyprus. Red wines to sample include the Estate Agyros Atlantis and Tsiakkas Vamvakada from Cyprus. There’s also rose, beers, spirits or Champagne if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

            The popular seafood spaghetti

Kyprida has received many great reviews recently from very satisfied customers:

“Staff are very professional and friendly, the restaurant is elegant and dinning there is comfortable. We will definitely return the next time we’re in Oia.” Samantha, Trip Advisor

“If you’d like to eat amazing Greek cypriot food,then you’ve come to the right place! We ordered lots of dishes – koubebia, koupes, afelia and sheftalia. Everything was so tasty and really delicious. Book a table for Wednesday night when there’s live music.” Coral, Trip Advisor

“Great place to view the sunset with extremely friendly staff. Food is authentic and homemade. Does not disappoint.” Erin, Trip Advisor

To view the full menu and find out about Cypriot Food in Santorini visit the website here