Many visitors to Santorini are tempted to buy the typical tourist items as souvenirs or gifts, such as evil eyes or fridge magnets.However if you’re looking for something more unusual, visit Epilekton Oia. Since 1920 they’ve been the purveyors of an eclectic range of arts and folk objects from all over the world.  You’ll find objects as diverse as doorknockers, paintings and nautical instruments. This is one of the best places to find unique objets d’art and curios in Santorini. (For more great ideas for places to shop click here).

 You can spend hours browsing in Epilekton!

The origins of Epilekton…

Founded almost a century ago by the Kontou family, Epilekton started life in Pireaus near Athens (there’s still a shop there). In 2008, captivated by the beauty of Oia, the family decided to open a new treasure trove in the heart of Santorini. The owners collect objects on their travels. You can find religious icons, ceramics and curios in Santorini. Such items as a stunning Afghan wedding hat, talismans and centuries-old astronomical instruments.

   You can spend hours with Epilekton’s objects

Unique curios in Santorini

If you love ceramics, you’ll find some stunning collectable pieces. There’s work by Popi Lydaki, one of the most famous contemporary Greek ceramic artists. The paintings on wood are also beautiful (especially the mermaid porringer bowls). Look out for the religious icons displaying a wide variety of saints in vivid colours.

     Some of Epilekton’s stunning pieces

Visitors are raving about Epilekton on Trip Advisor, with 96% of reviewers leaving rating it 5 out of 5, leaving great feedback:

“What a unique little Aladdin’s cave this shop is! Something for everyone’s taste from beautiful jewellery to old maps on Santorini. Lovely friendly staff too. A breath of fresh air among the tourist trap shops.” (Tabby B)

“I visited this lovely shop while on a vacation to Santorini. The offerings were amazingly beautiful–something for everyone at all different price points!” (M B Mank)

“The shop is amazing, every item has a story. The owners are the most friendly people on the island. They took the time to show us around and gave good tips for our travel in Santorini.” (Paul W)

To find curios in Santorini visit the Epilekton website click here