Santorini Food Tour

Duration: 5 hours / Price: €500 | BOOK THIS TOUR NOW!»

This Santorini food and wine tour allows you to visit the most popular and important places in Santorini and experience the flavors of its local wine and food. During the tour you will visit two mosts scenic villages of the island- Oia and Pyrgos. Oia village that is located in the North of Santorini. Pyrgos village is located on a hill in the centre of the island and therefor it has spectacular views of the island.

Most importantly, this Santorini food and wine tour is a journey through Greek gastronomy. We will travel from the simple local cuisine to the most sophisticated interpretation of traditional Greek dishes.

Firstly we will visit a farm where you get an introduction to local products. Afterwards you will continue to a family-run cave-taverna for sampling of local appetisers. This tavern is situated on the shore and therefor it has amazing views. The next stop is at a winery with incredible views over the cliffs. Of course here we taste local wines. Santorini’s wine production is really famous and internationally recognised. Finally we will end the tour at a beach side restaurant. This restaurant has been for years recognised as the finest examples of contemporary Greek cuisine on Greek islands. Here you’ll taste dishes of a recognised Greek chef. The restaurant is well-known because the chef makes his own interpretation of Greek traditional cuisine.

Includes: Transportation with a private car/van, private tour guide services, food and drinks

Duration: 5-6 hours

Price: €500 for 2 people and €75 for each additional person