You don’t need to go to expensive, high-end restaurants to experience delicious traditional Greek food in Santorini. You’ll find many family-owned tavernas in the smaller villages (such as Karterados) which look quite modest in terms of decor but serve hearty, tasty dishes which come with a much more affordable price tag. You can choose lots of different dishes to create an appetising Greek feast, complete with tzatziki, Greek potatoes, moussaka, souvlaki, stuffed peppers and aubergines and many more.

Kira Niki restaurant Karterados

Kira Niki Tavern is very welcoming!

One of the best tavernas on the island for a casual lunch or dinner is Kira Niki tavern in Karterados, a small village just two kilometres from Fira which boasts interesting architecture (can you find the windmill) and many whitewashed churches (don’t forget to visit Agios Nikolaos). At the restaurant you’re guaranteed a warm welcome by the owner, Simos who is very hands-on, taking orders and making sure that everyone is happy. All the staff are very friendly and make you feel like you’re at home.

santorini tomato salad

    The appetising tomato salad

Popular dishes on the menu include the white eggplant, veal soup, souvlaki, kleftiko, tomato salad and pork chops (don’t forget to try the tomato keftedes and fava too). The menu has a lot of meat options but there is plenty of choice if you’re vegetarian. The portions are very generous and if you prefer a low-key, down-to-earth, relaxing atmosphere, Kira Niki is your kind of place. Guests are often treated to complimentary dessert and a shot of local wine. There’s a buffet style section where you can choose from dishes that are already prepared if you’re struggling to choose from the menu.

Kira Niki Karterados

                         Inside Kira Niki

The tavern is very popular on Trip Advisor, receiving rave reviews from tourists from all over the world. Here are some snippets of reviews:

“The best food experience in Santorini.” – Silviya S

“The service is excellent. Good food, very affordable and good live music.” – C Siegel123

“Kyra Niki tavern has become our favourite restaurant in Santorini. We have been elsewhere but this is the best!” – DewDrop100

Delicious food in Karterados

      The delicious stuffed white eggplant

For traditional, high quality Greek food at an affordable price, make sure Kira Niki is on your Santorini itinerary!