Many visitors to Santorini leave with a treasured piece of artwork to remind them of the magical time they spent on the island. There’s something about the way the light falls on the whitewashed buildings, the bold primary colours set against the contrast of the white and of course the world-famous sunset. Sometimes a photograph doesn’t do Santorini justice. A painting or ceramic piece which captures the spirit of the island, the people, the architecture and its energy can transport you back to a special moment even when you’re back at home. Don’t leave without a piece of stunning Santorini art.

        The gallery has a great ambience

You’ll find the Tzamia-Krystalla gallery close to the old port in Fira, not far from the Archaeological Museum. It has a magnificent view of the caldera, but try and tear your eyes away from the view for a while and get away from the crowds in this peaceful and welcoming space. Many customers plan on having a quick browse, and end up staying for much longer when they realise the quality of the arts and crafts on display.

        You can see the caldera view to the left

The gallery was opened in 1995 by Nikos Graftas and well known ceramicist Manousos Chalkiadakis with the mission to promote Greek contemporary art around the world. It was founded in Chanios, Crete but moved to Santorini in 2008. You’d be forgiven for thinking the name is a combination of names but it actually means glasses and crystals, as the business originally cut and processed these materials since 1948.

           Manousos Chalkiadakis at work

So what can you expect to find in the gallery? Evocative paintings by established and newer artists, collectable ceramics by Mr Chalkiadakis himself, and unique jewellery by talented Greek designer-makers. Receive a warm welcome from Nikos who is on hand with his extensive expertise of the artists and their work to help you decide on that special souvenir or unique gift. Choose a special piece and they’ll ship it back to home to you safe and sound.

Ceramic sculptures and paintings

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